Friday, March 04, 2011

Book Reviews

While spending the last few months studying Arabic and not blogging, I've also started reading again. There have been times in my life when I would read voraciously but, nowadays the tendency comes and goes.Especially since getting my iPhone, I've been reading more about current events in the news and on blogs through my Google Reader than reading books.

But after visiting my family this past fall, when my mother started talking about her plans to buy a Nook, and discovering that my husband has been using the Amazon Kindle App on his iPad to read books, I realized I could have that Kindle App on my iPhone and do the same. So in the past two months I've been able to read a few books, some fiction and some nonfiction, and I may decide to start blogging reviews of some of them.

I'm also hopeful that as my fluency in Arabic improves, I will be able to start reading books in Arabic and reviewing or even summarizing interesting portions, since they are likely to be less accessible to anyone reading this blog. So if anyone has suggestions for great books in English or especially Arabic, please let me know.

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