Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Ramadan Webinars

I realized today that I've been "invited" to more webinars for Ramadan than it's going to be possible for me to attend. But in case any of these spark the interest of my readers, I'll just post a list of Ramadan webinars if anyone is looking for some motivation or preparation for the upcoming month of fasting and worship.

If I get any more I'll try to update this list. I have listened to the first one, which is on replay, from Quran for Busy People, and really appreciated it. As for the rest, I can't really say. There's a second upcoming webinar from Quran For Busy People that I might tune in for, or listen if it's on replay inshaaAllaah.


On Replay:
The Quickest, Easiest, Most Productive Way to Understand the Entire Quran In Arabic... For FREE!

Monday, August 2nd, 7pm EST
Advice to Make This Ramadan the Best Ever
Register at:

Tuesday, August 3rd, 7pm EST
Spiritual Management

Thursday, August 5th, 5pm EST
The Strongest Link

Saturday, August 7th, 2pm EST
Healthy Hearts, Healthy Communities: the life and teachings of Imam al-Ghazali in the modern world

Sunday, August 8th, 7pm GMT
How To Use This Ramadan To Jump-Start Your Personal Journey Through The Quran

Sunday, August 8th, 7:10pm EDT
The Fasting and the Furious: how to drive your motivation throughout Ramadan

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Sara سارة said...

Assalaam Alaikum sis,

Thank you so much for sharing these links!

I know Muslim Matters has some up as well, including the Fasting and the Furious, but I will check out these ones as well. JazakAllah khair. =)