Monday, January 05, 2009


In case anyone doesn't know what's going on, some good places to start might be

Coverage from

Coverage from

A Mother from Gaza

Palestine Chronicle


Anonymous said...

This is a good source.

Sabr said...

On MuslimMatters one of the things we can do for Gaza is to call them:


* Call any random number in Gaza, and tell them that you are calling from North America (or wherever you are), make Duaa for them and tell them all their brothers and sisters around the world are with them; this will give them moral support and courage ! How to call? > Very simple!
* Dial any of these number and replace the last 4 digits by any random ones, try 4 or 5 times and you’ll reach a family insha’Allah ! Even if you don’t speak Arabic, talk to them with very slow and simple English
(011)9728284-XXXX (011)9728282-XXXX (011)9728255-XXXX
* PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF TIME-ZONES! (7 hrs ahead of US EST, 2 hrs ahead of UK)

Honestly, what good does this do?

Amy said...

Apparently will give them moral support and courage. I doubt they can hear on the news what Muslims in the West are trying to do to help them, and it might encourage them to know. :shrug: