Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Local Eid Photos

The local newspaper sent a reporter and photographer to the Eid prayer on Monday (Eid Mubarak everyone!) and so there are some pictures up.

Pictures of Eid al-Adha

And in case you were wondering... yes, there were women there too. Lots of women. They just didn't get their pictures put up on the internet.

It was really nice. The khutbah was clear, and since they only had one khutbah it went pretty smoothly. In the past they've had an Arabic khutbah followed by an English translation, and unfortunately at the conclusion of the Arabic a great many people would stand and begin greeting or leaving or getting doughnuts or balloons or whatever is there, making it nearly impossible for people to hear the English khutbah. (Especially in the sisters' section, where I think this phenomenom was a lot worse.) Yet... alhamdulillah. One khutbah, most people kept put and with the arena's sound system it was not too difficult to hear and understand the khateeb.

And the arena did get so crowded that there were brothers praying in the stands (not easy to make rows like that, either.)

But overall it was nicely done. May Allah reward everyone who helped before, during, and after the prayer to make it go so smoothly.

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Brad said...

Eid Mubarak!

Those are really good pictures, thank you for sharing those!

I'm glad the Khutbah went well. At the Masjid I attend, they only give the Khutbah in English, so it's usually not a problem. But a few Masjids in this area have multi-lingual Khutbahs for a diverse number of people.

Have a happy and blessed Eid!