Thursday, October 09, 2008

Obsession by Mail

I visited my parents last night and found that I had a new Obsession DVD addressed to me (since I still list their house as my regular mailing address.)

If you recall, I was watching their house when the DVD originally came out and swiped their copy from the Cary News, but noticed that somebody had opened this one which came in the mail, though it was addressed to me. (And as far as I can tell, they didn't receive one of their own.) I'm not sure whether they watched it or not.

What is the deal with the distribution of this DVD? At this point it's beginning to get excessive. Surely by now some people have received three copies, maybe even more.

I would like to see a da'wah campaign from the Muslims using a similar method--mass-mailing a da'wah postcard or something like it. Or maybe an oversize post-card as a supplement to the newspaper. Maybe the masjid could do that to advertise for an upcoming open house (which I hear, unfortunately, won't be until January at the earliest.)

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