Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun New Toy!

So... I got an iPhone this weekend! And I am seriously amazed at everything it can do. As it happens, I've never before had an iPod but now I'm having to get used to iTunes to really start using the iPhone--I imagine I can listen to podcasts and various lectures through it, now, instead of just via CDs in the car and what have you. So for that reason it's actually pretty cool!

Also, thanks to some of my friends who also have iPhones, I downloaded some really really neat applications for it. To start with, there's one program to display the prayer times and also the Qiblah (as well as a map!) It's called Guidance. The other neat program is iQuran, which allows you to download individual surahs to read or listen (Husary available on the free version), and you can even set it to repeat the ayahs if you want to try to memorize them.

I can also just spend my time using Google Reader to catch up on some of my favorite blogs, like MuslimMatters. I really think every Muslim should keep a regular eye on the MuslimMatters blog, just to stay informed of matters relating to Muslims.
Are there any other neat programs for Muslims for the iPhone? Let me know...


Anonymous said...

they also have a podcast:

Brad said...

Congratulations on your iPhone! I have a 1st generation and I love it! There are lots of apps for reading the Qur'an and a few for giving you prayer times.

If you love to read, then you will also want to check out the apps for reading ebooks. I prefer eReader, from the same folks who run the Fictionwise website. Lots of great books at good prices.

Seriously though, you'll love the iPhone. It's a great gadget with multiple uses!


ameir said...

Thanks for getting Guidance! A new update is coming soon with lots of great new features inshallah.

talha.syed said...

The iPhone is great!

A useful (and very polished) Islamic app I can recommend is iPray. Basically shows you local Salah timings, and you can set what calculation method to use. Think of it as an islamicfinder.org in your pocket.

Another general use application I like is *Spend* to keep track of my budgets ($1 I think), *Units* for (currency/distance/measurement) conversion, and TimmyMe for finding the closest Tim Hortons, though admittedly the last item is a Canadian one!

Amy said...

Thanks everyone!

Talha, instead of using iPray I'm using Guidance which has prayer times (you can adjust the madhhab and calculation method) and it also has a qiblah finder. :-)

Muslim Apple said...

I love my iPhone as well, I've tried the Guidance and iPray widgets. I like history and law so I also downloaded the Constitution and Declaration of Independence widgets.