Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tearing up

Local news is pretty useless sometimes but while waiting for national news (also useless, but it's a laundry day thing) this afternoon I was watching, and there was a little story about this 6-year old girl who had called 911 when her mother had a seizure. Whoever structured it did a really nice job at pulling heart strings somehow. And I thought it was just me, you know, maybe wacky hormones or something, since I started to cry without any good reason.

But after showing it, they cut back to the two anchors who happened to be ladies. (The dude had the day off.) And wouldn't you know it? You could tell, that they had both started to cry too!! LOL!


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Faith said...

Awww, kids are awesome. Like last week, I read a story about a little girl who actually shielded her mom from bullet in a gas stations. I shed some tears when I read that too. I think it just shows how Allah truly made us. He made us to show compassion and care. I think it's only as we get older that some of us forget that.