Friday, April 13, 2007

Who is reading my email?

Is Google reading my Gmail? Or tracking my surfing?

At I have a selection of recommended news articles--recommended for me, in particular. How so? Does anyone know? OK, I actually looked and think I figured it out--if I'm searching google news while logged in to my google account (i.e., gmail) then it tracks what sorts of news stories I read apparently.

Anyway, I thought I would share one of these articles--I did indeed find some of them interesting...

Google Earth maps 'genocide' in Darfur

Satellite pictures of razed villages and squalid refugee camps scattered across Darfur can now be viewed by a global audience after Google Earth put the images online.

The satellite images document destroyed villages and refugee camps Users of Google Earth, a satellite mapping service that attracts hundreds of millions of viewers, will see the war-torn region of western Sudan highlighted with yellow boundaries and labelled "Crisis in Darfur". Blue marks scattered across the pictures of Darfur's harsh, arid landscape indicate refugee camps, which are holding some two million people; red flames denote villages, which gunmen have destroyed.

Google Earth also carries graphic photographs and eyewitness testimony of atrocities committed during the civil war, which broke out in 2003 and has claimed about 300,000 lives through violence, starvation or disease.

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