Monday, March 19, 2007

The Anti-War Protest

I went. I was there.

I went to Washington DC on March 17 to protest the war at the Pentagon. This photograph really doesn't even begin to do it justice--there were thousands and thousands of people there, marching. We were kind of near the front I think, early to get to the platform. We had gone with a sister who was going to be speaking at the event, early on. So we did the march, listened for a little while, after her speech we hung around but left shortly after--it was a long walk back. And it was cold... and windy. Cold is one thing, the wind is another, and especially over the bridges the wind was frigid.

I never really got into the protest--I think some people just live to do these things, protest the government. Some people were doing a dance around a tree. There were a lot of "hippies." There were some kids in our group (high schoolers) who really got into it. While we were passing some pro-war protesters (they were protesting us... hehe) one of these kids yells out, "Hey look, they're all white!" And well, they were. I went because I love my country and I love what it stands for. People there were pretty radical, or extreme, I guess you could say--they wanted to impeach Bush for war crimes, called Cheney pure evil. I just want the government to start acting responsible in its foreign policy, and to remain accountable to the people of this country. What warmed my heart though, was Sunday morning reading about the protesters around the rest of the world, protesting the war, and another 5-6000 just in California to do the same thing. I hope it made a difference.

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