Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ugh, school.

Yes, it's tedious. I have a large notebook with a collection of class notes, the instructor's notes (printed from online versions), homework problems, my solutions to them, and extra paper. Two classes with the same instructor, same style of notes... tedious.

Has anyone else noticed problems with blogger? My browser seems unable to display the start and log in pages still... very strange--though I haven't tried it on a different computer to see. Speaking of computers... mine is still dead. It will turn on now that I've replaced the power supply, but it won't boot. So... my plans to "maybe" buy a laptop for this semester are moving out of the "maybe" stage. And new exciting summer plans starting to move out of the "I wish I could..." stage and into the "maybe" stage.

What else is a maybe? Maybe I'll finish my homework tonight and get to sleep before 1am.

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