Sunday, November 05, 2006

Why the worst

You can thank Gold for this one. Here I was at work, too sleepy to do any homework, trudging through some websites and leaning back to read a book I've got now and then read my email... hmm... I could blog while I'm sitting here. :-)

I don't really want to go over my awful 'Eid day, but for those of you I haven't told yet, it went like this:

Decided to skip class and not be pressed for time in the morning. Then got dressed(up) and went to school. Parked on campus to go print off some notes for me to study (had a test that day) before getting picked up to go to the prayer by someone else. I step out of the car (and lock the door as is my habit) and put on my coat (was chilly out) and the wind blows the door closed. Inside the car are my keys, my phone... everything else. Meh. This was 9:30.

So I tried to get in, failed, went to one of the towers we have to call campus police... an officer finally shows up and tries to get in, he fails. Then he gives up. By now it's 10:30 and we can't get in to the car and he wants to leave! What am I supposed to do!? So I he lets me use his phone to call AAA. They finally get there around 11:30 (by the way, the prayer was at 10:45 :-( grr) and he tries to get in, using different tools. He can't. Finally we roll the window down after figuring the locks aren't good for anything and discover that, in fact, the locks weren't good for anything. They were busted up by the officer before. The driver's side door won't open, period. The passenger's side door wouldn't open from the inside, only from the outside (at least the key worked on it!)

But I had missed the prayer. I did have an exam coming up--and that I totally failed. On top of not being especially well-prepared (because the weekend I should've been studying for it was the last weekend of Ramadan) I was emotionally frazzled about how I was going to fix my car (and if I could even afford it) and just feeling miserable on top of that from being out in the cold all morning. Failed.

And I spent the rest of the day feeling equally miserable and didn't do a single "festive" thing all day. It was quite sad. :-(

I took my car to be fixed on Tuesday and Wednesday and they couldn't even get the panel off. Later I called a locksmith (at my dad's urging--how a locksmith could possibly repair anything when not even a mechanic could get the panel off to expose the locks was beyond me) who of course could do nothing. And finally took it to the dealership, on Wednesday, who fixed it (alhamdulillah!) for a price that I could afford, which was very nice.

Now I no longer have to perform gymnastics to get into and out of my car, very nice.

So anyway... that was the worst Eid ever.

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