Wednesday, April 05, 2006


This is a rather general overview of my current situation as regarding my family... things are not bright. I emailed it to someone previously, in case any of you, my loyal readers (blush) wonder about the format.

I've recently told my parents about my Islam, and that decision was partly driven by the fact that I donned hijab a month or so ago. While they have little problems with my belief, they abhor the scarf and most of my family doesn't want me to wear it at all around them, no matter where we are.

One is afraid he will have to answer questions about why he knows a Muslim. Another reason is they are afraid the little kids will ask questions they don't want to answer--probably because they aren't able to answer questions about their own faith but that's neither here nor there.

As it is, they say my wearing it is offensive, and a cultural issue that I am adopting that is not part of the religion. How do they presume to know more about it than I, when I've been studying it far longer than they? Besides, I was opposed to it at first too...

But they are threatening to not allow me to have any contact with them if I choose to want to wear it in public. I have sort of acquiesced to their desire I not wear it in their homes, but out in public I think it is degrading that they force me to take it off.

I wish I could explain that to them, what an insult it is, how they are humiliating me!! Argh!!!

Sorry... just needed to get that out!

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