Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adabs of the Student of Knowledge

Several years ago I listened to a lecture online between some classes on engineering, and even took notes. But I can't remember where I found the lecture or who it was teaching. But the topic was, as the title of this post, the Adab (Etiquette & Manners) of the Student of Knowledge.

Since I will become a full-time student again soon inshaaAllaah (less than two months, now), this post is mostly for myself, but anyone can take it as advice or recommendations. There are two parts--the first is etiquette of the student, and the second is etiquette with the shaykh or teacher.

Etiquette of the Student
  1. Ikhlaas - Sincerity in intention, undertaking study to improve one's iman and worship of Allah.
  2. Purify the hearts of evil feelings - like pride, arrogance, anger, etc.
  3. Purify body from sins - by not committing them, and making sincere repentance
  4. Conceptualize the importance of knowledge of the deen (Islam)
  5. Maintain good studying habits
  6. Choose proper companions
  7. Study at the earliest age possible
  8. Have patience
  9. Take notes
Etiquette with the teacher
  1. Choose proper teachers
  2. Respect the teacher and treat him properly
  3. Have proper etiquette in front of the teacher, by paying attention, not talking to students during the class, avoiding excessive jokes and laughter
  4. Pray for teacher and love him for the sake of Allah
  5. Be patient concerning the teacher's faults
  6. Sit properly in front of him (i.e., don't point your feet towards him)
  7. Speak with him in a proper manner, respectfully
The lecture also gave the following sample schedule for full-time student as part of good studying habits:
Morning: memorize Qur'an
Late morning: study new topics
Afternoon: revise Qur'an, review older topics
Evening: research for personal subjects

I think having a regular schedule is important, but I'm not sure why the shaykh picked this particular one. I think the philosophy was that you're most "fresh" in the morning, so that's when you cover new material and memorize. I've had to give some thought to my own schedule (so I can schedule proper meals and workouts especially, into the hectic study-day) and might post more on it later inshaaAllaah. But this format might be a good place to start inshaaAllaah.


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Read this book before starting. It is a great classical text that should be read by every student. Although the original is in arabic it has been translated into english recently.

Imam Al Zarnuji's "Talim al-Mutallim" (Instruction of the Student - The Method of Learning)

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Where can I find it?