Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hijab Blog

Recently I discovered a blog all about hijab--a great resource for Muslimahs who cover, want to cover, think about covering, etc. Cleverly titled "I Got It Covered," it offers stories, tips, personal experiences and more on the issue of hijab.

For the month of May, they accepted reader submissions with personal stories about starting to wear hijab. So I wrote up a submission, and it was published today, May 4.

So head on over there and read it: Sorority President Dons Hijab. And then subscribe to their RSS feed or bookmark the page, and check back often. Enjoy all the reader-submitted hijab stories this month, and then the regular posting back in June inshaaAllaah.


Anonymous said...


IGIC is where I found the link to your blog and since then I cant stop myself from reading it. After clicking on that link, the first thing I read here was your journey to Islam which touched my heart.

I also enjoyed reading your story on IGIC. I love that site, every single article there is truly beautiful!totally inspiring stuff!!

Anon. said...

Once I posted an angry comment on your blog. I read your IGIC article and regretted it. Sorry about that comment.