Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On With the Show!

Alhamdulillah, my "wedding planning" took a Ramadan intermission. For reasons which are apparent, and some which are not, plans for my upcoming nuptials had to be temporarily put on hold. But with Eid behind us, things are now moving right along.

And fast!

The question everyone's been asking me these days is about to be answered...

Setting a wedding date is not exactly a simple process--there are many variables to consider, and the situations of many people to take into consideration. In order to accommodate our families, my fiance and I had to dodge a trip to Pakistan, work schedules, family activities, and another wedding plus honeymoon abroad, which would prevent some members of our families from being able to attend. Unfortunately, with short time it's not really possible to ensure that everyone can be accommodated, and I am sorry for those who will still encounter conflict with the selected date.

But after plenty of thought, consideration, consultation, and prayer, I am happy to announce that Umer and I will be getting married, inshaaAllaah, on Saturday, November 7th!


Ali Zelmat said...

May Allah grant you khair in this life and in the next. I wish you only bliss and delight and ever increasing imaan!

Anonymous said...

Will make du'a for you, insha Allah.

Ayesha said...

Congratulations!!May Allah keep both of u happy n content! May Allah shower his blessing upon u... Ameen!