Thursday, April 09, 2009


It's a pretty common (and as weak as it is common) attack on myself on the Catholic forum where I sometimes post, for someone to claim that I am brainwashed. After all, according to the point of view of some more angry intolerant types, I converted to the Dark Side. I mean, I am preferring the rights of women in Islam (which they consider barbaric and medieval) to those of American women, for instance. But in so many ways I prefer Islam to American culture or law, leading people to accuse me of being brainwashed.

But when it comes to brainwashing, these videos are very insightful. I came across them a few days ago over at Egyptian Gumbo, and was incredibly impressed. I hope others can take a look and see things that maybe weren't so obvious before.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Basically they show how Fox News (especially Sean Hannity) goes about trying to program people's brains (NLP is neurolinguistic programming) to think a certain way.


Anonymous said...

He he ...


rahma said...

Gah, you have a lot more patience then I. I used to be the token muslim poster on christianforums(dot)com, but I long sense threw my hands up in dispair.

algebra said...
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