Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flight of the Navigator

The ideas I've been having for posts have just been piling up--I started keeping track of them using the Notes feature on my iPhone. And yet where is the time to develop blog posts out of all these great ideas? Mostly spent in school-related endeavors, I suppose, or trying to keep up with my Google Reader.

Anyway, I had one idea today that I guess is kind of mediocre, which I guess gives me a chance to catch up with my readers. Let you know I'm still here, just kinda busy. Thanks for all the happy wishes and nice comments. Just on Saturday my fiance left to go visit his family back in Pakistan, and when he gets back inshaaAllaah then more information about upcoming nuptials might be in order.

But this post isn't really about that. You see, I read just today some weird article from the BBC about the difference in brains of men and women while looking at art. (On a partially related note, did you know that scantily clad women force men to see them as objects?)

The question I thought to consider is whether men or women are better drivers. It's an interesting question, I thought, since I figure that men definitely think they're better drivers--or at least, they drive more often, and tend to be more car-savvy, right? And it's customary for a man to drive his lady and family around, is it not? Are men safer drivers? Better able to concentrate? Didn't it use to be the case that women would actually get lower insurance rates than men because they were safer? Women might tend to be less reckless maybe? Who knows?

In this article, however, I read that apparently "women tend to be more aware than men of objects around them, including those that seem irrelevant to the current task, whereas men out-perform women in navigation tasks." I sort of understood that to mean that women would make better (or at least safer) drivers by being more aware of other vehicles and hazards that might occur on the roadway. But that men are definitely better at navigating.

I used to think I was pretty good at navigating, until I went on a trip with my family to Boston. There's something totally insane about the roads in that city... it takes thinking in 3-D, while the maps are only in 2-D. Not a task for the faint of heart. Nor for the driver, who needs to look out for drivers traveling at insane speeds.

So maybe women make better drivers than men? So men should ride shotgun, right? Not that I'm looking for an excuse, really. I don't mind sitting passenger-side, as it affords a better view. But my fiance seems to have the same opinion and would rather I drive... great minds think alike?


batoor102 said...

I think that women may in fact be more aware of their surroundings than men are, with one exception- cell phones. And the headphones are just as bad, maybe worse, than the hand-held ones. I recently got a nice lady I know very mad at me because we were talking on her phone and she told me the traffic was bad! So I told her I'd call her later- and that's what I'll do from now on when I find out that somebody's on the road.


Amy said...

For me talking on the phone is about the same as talking to someone in person. My concentration drops about equally whether talking to myself or to a passenger or on the phone, but either way I know that I'm not as focused on the road as otherwise.

Listening to something (i.e., radio, or talk) saps a small amount of concentration but talking takes very much more. And if I'm not on the phone with someone while driving (usually I'm not,) then I might be listening to the radio, or practicing various speeches/presentations I may give one day... hahaha.

Amber said...

Okay, I *remember* that movie. Wow. Does this make me old?

Also, it's not lack of navigation skills, it's 'preference for the scenic routes'. :)

Ah, but seriously. I completely and utterly lack a sense of direction. Then again, so does my step-father - he once got lost trying to take a walk around his hotel.

Azad said...

"men should ride shotgun..."

Done. Lolz

Amy said...

You still gotta open the door, homes.