Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why are Ilminars so late?

I'm not sure how it happened, exactly. Maybe it was trying to download Muhammad Alshareef's Ramadan Journal, or maybe it was signing up for my first Al-Maghrib Seminar in Atlanta (which I won't be attending anyway.) But somehow I started getting emails about "Ilminars."

Has anyone besides me noticed a bizarre fascination with the world ilm by the Al-Maghrib folks? (IlmFest, IlmQuest, IlmFruits, Ilm Summit, and Ilminar?) It is quite possible that you might not have received this ilmformation:

ilm·in·ar –noun
High Powered LIVE webinars presenting beneficial Ilm(Knowledge)

So anyway, there is a Qur'anic Sciences Ilminar on Wednesday. In case you aren't getting these emails and you want to attend, here's the RSVP link www.almaghrib.org/ilminar with more information.

What kind of bothers me, though, is that it doesn't start until 9:50pm. EST (Which I think is really code for starting at 10pm with 10 minutes of buffer time.) I tried listening to one of these webin-- er, ilminars before, and it was interesting but at the same time I was sooo ready to fall asleep for the last half hour, and I didn't know how long it was going to last. And it started at 8:30! I could kind of understand 8:30, so people on the West Coast can listen too. But really, I'm kind of disappointed that this one starts so late.

I really hate to start listening to something and then hoping that it will end soon just so I can sleep. But I anticipate this one to last at least an hour and a half... meaning 11:30 before I can go to sleep. And I wouldn't be surprised if it goes longer, up until midnight. So I wonder if maybe I shouldn't just skip it for being too late?


Anonymous said...

Do you know how they are going to stream the seminar? You may be able to record it for offline viewing/listening.

Anonymous Coward :)

Amoola said...

salaam sis,

I remember staying up for one by Yasir Birjas (if i'm remembering correctly). I was in ireland at the time, so I think it started at 3am my time or some late hour like that. It was really interesting, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open and kept dozing off after about half an hour!!

Anonymous said...

Could it be because brainwashing is done much easier on the sleep deprived?

Amy said...

Salaam Amoola--

What do you mean you were in Ireland? Where are you now!?

Amy said...


That wasn't very nice.

Amoola said...

Check out my blog ;-)