Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Calendar Feature!

I was playing around with the Google Calendar features last week and realized that I could very easily embed my Google calendar onto my blog! Super cool, huh!? By the way, I'm thinking I'd like to redesign my blog, so if anyone has any suggestions... or offers... yeah.

Anyway, my first encounter with the embedded google calendar was when I asked the people who run the masjid's website to keep a calendar on the website of all the upcoming events. They made a calendar in google and put it on the website. Unfortunately it's not very up-to-date, but that's partly I think because they are working on redesigning their site. And maintaining the old one is something of a lower priority.

But I decided to go ahead and try including this feature since I think it's kind of neat--and for the people who know me, if they want to know if I'm planning to attend something, maybe they can check my blog, right? :-) Overall I think it's cool, so if you scroll down it's at the bottom of the sidebar right now. And I've included in this post a slightly bigger version just because... I can.

And right now it probably looks like all I ever do is go to the masjid, since lately I don't have many plans in the near future except for the few recurring classes I attend. Any thoughts?

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the crazy jogger said...

I love the text notification feature.. but for some reason Google send me txts on the standard Eastern time.. instead of normal Saudi time :S