Friday, February 15, 2008

Sacrifice for Islam? (pt 1)

This past weekend I was asked to prepare a talk about sacrifice. I was also asked to write an article for a monthly newspaper on a topic of my choice. Since school is a burden and on top of that I'm spending a lot of time working for the da'wah committee at the masjid, I have decided to simplify my life somewhat by writing the article about sacrifice as well, so I can put the same things into it.

The idea behind the topic, I think, stems from the fact I have converted to Islam, embraced a new religion and in so doing have given up or sacrificed some features of my old way of life. To help me gather my thoughts I'm going to try inshaaAllah to make notes on my blog--notes on sacrifice, to help me write the article and the speech inshaaAllah.

I have thought of making a list of actual things I've had to give up, but everything seems to fit into another category. I mean, I could say I've had to give up bacon or pepperoni, but that is not nearly as weighty as the rift in my family, and giving up my work breaks for prayer is rewarding enough to not seem to be a sacrifice. And in fact, it's hard to look back at my life and say it was better. So I don't feel like I've sacrificed much at all, because the quality of my life overall has improved. The things that I did give up just seem so petty and irrelevant, and many things that I wouldn't wish back even if I could.

And then I think about the muhajireen--they had to give up everything they had in leaving Mecca, a far greater sacrifice than I've made.

So I'm still not sure where to begin exactly with this idea of sacrifice... anyone else have any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Salam. Well, instead of looking back on your life and saying the sacrifices were worth it since your life has improved so much since you've converted - why not remember what it was like BEFORE you converted? Remember what it was like when you got your first taste of Islam and how your heart said yes but your mind was thinking....give up WHAT? You are comfortable now with who you are - but were you always? To me the word sacrifice is a lot like the word fear. You write..."The things that I did give up just seem so petty and irrelevant, and many things that I wouldn't wish back even if I could." - I think maybe you didn't always feel that way. It's a scary thing to sacrifice all that you ever knew and embrace something totally different. Maybe that is also what muhajireen were thinking as well. I don't know if any of this makes sense - sometimes I have a hard time conveying my thoughts :) Good luck with your article...