Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Closed on Sundays

I've been eating at Chick-fil-a more frequently lately... I work way outside of town and there's a very large shopping center nearby. But only two quick-service places are there that I know of, and I'm not interested in sitting down for a long lunch most days, I'd rather just come back to work. But since the two options are Mcdonald's and Chick-fil-a... I pick Chick-fil-a. And so would I probably no matter how many options there were--I do like the food. But I detest McDonald's (even the smell makes me sick!)

But the funny thing about Chick-fil-a for me is that I worked there. So did both my older sisters. When my first sister started, they asked her in the interview which church she went to! In case you didn't know, it's a pretty good "Christian" establishment. As far as fast-food places go, it has a very low turnover rate. It's a little more expensive (after all... they sell chicken only, no beef, and chicken can be more expensive than burgers--especially chicken breasts, not patties or anything like that.) It's also closed on Sundays. Usually located in shopping malls and centers that do their best business on weekends, it's bold. But as an employee, it was nice. When my sisters worked there, they'd always have off to go to church. I didn't go to church much while I worked there, which was once I started college. But still, having off on Sundays was nice. At least one day to relax, catch up. Study. Later on my sorority meetings were Sundays. Then again, if you wanted to work it could hurt.

Anyway, I like the food. I worked there for two and a half years by the way, I know how they prepare the food. (They don't fry the bacon in the same fryer as the fries or chicken, to start with.) Actually the chicken has a fryer, and the fries have a fryer. Everything is fried in peanut oil now (which was not always the case, they used to fry the fries in animal shortening... even sounds gross...). Bacon doesn't go in a fryer. Sometimes I wonder if places like Chick-fil-a qualify as food from "Christians." I never really understood what the rulings were about "meat from Christians and Jews" since Christians (to my knowledge) never really slaughtered meat any particular way at all.

When I worked there, I got free food on breaks. (If you worked more than 4 hours you got a break.) Breaks weren't paid but the food was free. So I ate Chick-fil-A a lot. You'd think I'd get sick of it. You'd think everyone who worked there would get sick of it. Nope. Addicted to it? Maybe the cheesecake... but mostly? No. But when it comes to fast food Chick-fil-A always stands out to me. And for more than just the "chicken sandwich."

I think McDonald's (ew again) tried or is trying a "southern style" chicken sandwich, basically frying a chicken breast and putting it on a bun with pickles--exactly how it's done at Chick-fil-a. I detest McDonald's (yes I know I'm repeating myself) so I'd never bother to try it. But maybe other people would, who knows. Anyway... my sisters and I still eat at Chick-fil-A sometimes... even though we all worked there... as far as fast-food goes, I think they're a "cut above" the rest.


Hopeful said...

Yum, real chicken breast burger! I dont think I've ever had one of those.

Amy said...

Well if you ever make it over here it would be a nice thing to try. :-)

Anonymous said...

Areo those chickens slaughtered in an Islamic way ?

Hopeful said...

lol...before I would have loved to visit. However, after reading the post on whyislam, the whole application process for visiting put me off!

If you ever come here, bring it as a take away! LOL.

Amy said...

I don't know how the chickens are slaughtered.

And sis you're right about the visa process... it's a nightmare! No foreigners are going to want to come here at all before long I think, it's not worth the hassle. There was a politician yesterday at an event saying that the financial capital of the world would move from London to NYC because coming into the USA is so difficult now. And most Americans I think don't know anything about it... they don't have to deal with it. Such a mess. Then again it would make "some" people really happy, the ones who don't want to live with anyone except wasps and wouldn't think twice about nuking a foreign country.

hanifah_99 said...

I worked at McDonalds... g r o s s. I hated cleaning up, there was grease on everything. They use the same tub of grease for everything, for the entire day and then they dump it at the end of the day. GROSS.

Amy said...

You can taste it at McDonald's too, how they keep re-using the grease. Ugh... I gave up McD's a long time ago, absolutely can't stand the taste of any of it. Hate how you can even smell the grease from a few blocks away... *shudder*